WARNING! Legionnaires' Disease


Worried about Legionnaires’ Disease?

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Legionella is a real threat. A recent scientific report estimates that every year there are between 52 000 and 70 000 cases of Legionnaires’ Disease in the United States alone. Considering that more than 10% of these cases are fatal, these are great losses. Hotels were shut down or went bankrupt. What can we say about the decrease in hotel occupancy and the damage to their Brand? All this suffering and loss can be avoided. Managers have the responsibility to operate the facilities and protect lives.
We have met victims and their families.
We have reached 10 years of commitment against Legionnaires’ Disease.
We can help you.
We can coach you and guide you to actions
and Results: A Safer System. A Safer Building.
For a Safer World, Manage your Risks!

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